Welcome Baby Jack

I had the pleasure back in March to photograph darling little Jack who was just 4 days old!

I adore newborns so loved every minute of this photo shoot, and soaking up all the newborn goodness!  Those gorgeous little fingers and toes and beautiful soft baby hair!  There are many things about a new life in the world that make me feel so much joy – the perfect purity and innocence they have, the happiness they bring their families and above all I think it is the hope and love that everyone wishes that new little being for a wonderful future ahead of them!
And yes, I LOVE the newborn baby smell (the good one of course)

Jack is the third bubby for Kathryn and Trent, and is clearly adored by everyone in the family.     I also got to meet his older sister Isabella and brother Tom and capture some shots of them too, but as a normal 2 year old Tom was off doing something more fun in a flash!  Isabella however was quite happy to have her photo taken with her baby brother and gladly smothered him with a tonne of kisses and lots of love!  Aren’t these seriously just the cutest little kids out?

Kathryn and Trent, I wish you nothing but a wonderful life ahead full of happiness, love and laughter for your little man Jack





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