My girls

Last week, I ambitiously booked some studio time and took my girls and husband down to the Gold Coast with me to attempt to get some cute shots of them where they don’t have food all over their faces and clothes and where they could not get away!

All I really wanted was a few shots of them sitting still together looking happy not trying to kill each other.  The only decent photo I managed to get of them together was of D1 half strangling D2 who was trying to get free.

I did however get some gorgeous shots of them on their own which reflected each of their own little personalities and quirks.  My eldest daughter only wanted to take part when I put “Firework” by Katy Perry (her favourite song at the moment) on my phone for her to dance to which is just gorgeous.  She escapes to another little world and doesn’t care how much I click away.

AAAAAHHH I love my girls and would not have them any other way!


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