High Tea for the Mummy-to-Be

  I was really honoured and chuffed when my dear friend Stacey asked if I could take some photographs at her baby shower a couple of weekends ago.

Stacey’s Mum and Sister put on a stunning high tea, with tiered platters of delicious sandwiches and sweet treats all made with love.  We all enjoyed a cup of tea, fresh scones and stunning Baby Shower cupcakes which did not last long.  The baby shower had a yellow and white theme, with gorgeous yellow and white balloons and bunches of yellow flowers adorning the tables.

Stacey was then ‘showered’ with lots of beautiful gifts for herself and her bub, and also with a lot of love.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and it is no surprise that she has so many friends and family who treasure her and were there to share in this very important event with her.  All the girls then went and gushed over the nursery which has been done up in an Owl theme, complete with gorgeous coordinating cot sheets and accessories made by Stacey’s Mum.

The most poignant and adorable gift had to be the gift basket that Stacey’s Mother in Law presented her.  This had all of the baby keepsakes that she had for her son when he was a baby that she had kept in pristine condition, including baby record books, Bunnekins bowl, antique feeding cups and utensils, and gorgeous lemon shirts that she wanted to pass down to them for their first baby (that coincidently went really well with the yellow theme for the day).  Stacey was deeply touched as was Rob who had not seen many of these items and could not believe his Mum had kept them for all these years.

We don’t know if Stacey and Rob’s little bundle is going to be a girl or a boy (nor do we care), but this is one little chick that we can’t wait to hatch!


Robyn Brunott - What beautiful photos. A very happy time for the whole family.
Remember Robert in the yellow jumper and drinking from his cup. lovely memories shared. Thank you

Yvonne Mukauskas - Gorgeous photos Shea. Lovely balance of colours & especially love the B&W photo of Stace & Marni. They look soo happy). The morning/afternoon was very relaxed & easy going all of which are truly highlighted in your photography. Well done & thank you for sharing these.

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